Thursday, June 26, 2008

Uncomferting feeling

totally confuse, broke, down, hurt, sink, alienated, bored, sick, in pain, uncomfortable and drowning. can you imagine when your world is turn up-side-down and you just lose everything you had before in your arm, when everything is just on their rite place, when you stand really strong with all your principals, and all of sudden it all disappear, gone, broke and you don't even know yourself, who you really are? yes baby, i've been there for such reasons that i can't even imagine are important things and can occur in my life. how wonderful..

( diambil dari blog seorang teman dari lagu pearl jam katanya)

But, it's totally right, have you been on that feeling? it's totally wonderful. Suddenly you lost your believe, your logical tree falls, all your plan get wrong, Every thing look disappear, gone, universe not in your side, and you realize that you alone , nothing can do, no idea, dont know what has to do, what should to do. Talk with another not help you, listen another only instant. So what can we do?